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Despite being significantly outspent and running against an incumbent that started out with approval ratings well over 50%, John DiSanto defeated Rob Teplitz on Election Day 52%-48% to give Senate Republicans a veto proof majority in the chamber - their biggest majority in history.


DiSanto won because he ran the better campaign in one of the most classic swing districts in the state.  DiSanto was able to defeat a popular incumbent with a huge money advantage because he worked hard, raised money, and delivered his message in an effective and targeted way.




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Red Maverick Media

John DiSanto faced a popular incumbent that had the support of public employee unions and trial lawyers, giving him a significant financial advantage.  We had to tell John's story and make contrasts with the incumbent in an environment where we knew we would be outspent significantly, in a seat that voted for Barack Obama in 2012.

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As general and media consultants, we were responsible for shaping the message and turning it into media to be delivered to potential voters.  We introduced John in an ad that featured him riding his motorcycle.  We then followed it up with an ad answering attacks by Teplitz with John shoveling manure, which was featured in the NY Times.


We ultimately had to draw contrasts between John and Teplitz, highlighting the fact that John was a successful businessman, community servant, and outsider vs. Teplitz who was a career politician, bureaucrat, and someone who had taken a job at a law firm that lobbies the senate after being elected.  We also made the contrast that John would stand up for voters and Teplitz stood with those funding his campaign and voted with Wolf 96% of the time.

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We sent out 45 different pieces of direct mail to hyper targeted universes.


We ran 22 different Facebook ads - in the last week.


We made Tepltiz voting with Tom Wolf 96% of
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