The Challenge

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in 3 months

the result

Larry Hogan won the Maryland Governor’s race by 5 percentage points. The Washington Post called Hogan’s win a “stunning upset,” Politico called it both an “historic” and “shocking” upset, and the National Review called it “the biggest upset of the cycle.”


How? Larry Hogan stayed on his message of fiscal discipline, job creation, and lower taxes. He talked about the 40 new taxes imposed by the previous administration everywhere he went. Hogan was never drawn into debates on social issues, staying focused on what mattered to voters. He also had a strong social media presence, boasting 120,000 Facebook followers vs. his Democrat opponent’s 17,000.

"stunning upset"

"historic" "Shocking"

"the biggest upset
of the cycle"


Hogan Wins with



of the

Red Maverick Media


winning Annapolis


Governor of Maryland

Larry Hogan’s campaign to become Maryland’s Governor faced major challenges, not least of which was that Democrats hold a 2 to 1 voter registration in the state. In the end, the Hogan campaign was outspent by a 3 to 1 margin, with outside groups pouring in millions of dollars attacking Hogan on social issues, abortion and gun control. No one thought this race was win-able by a Republican, in fact Nate Silver’s said the Democrat candidate would win by 9.7 points.

our role

Red Maverick Media served as Hogan’s General Consultant, helping the candidate, the campaign manager, and the team develop strategy and message throughout the election cycle. The campaign implemented a strong state-wide ground operation, maintained incredible message discipline, and remained optimistic despite obstacles in voter registration and outside money.


The Red Maverick team also helped implement an aggressive direct mail fundraising campaign that raised more than $350,000 while increasing the Hogan house file from 3,600 donors to nearly 13,000 in three months. We also produced direct mail, a targeted absentee ballot program, and other collateral material for the Hogan campaign.