Despite starting out this campaign as the underdog in a close 4-way race, the final results on Election Day gave Regan a 52.3% share of the vote, or a more than 21 percentage point victory.


Quite simply, Mike Regan outworked his opponents and stayed on his message of being tough on crime, protecting taxpayers, limiting the size of government and supporting and attracting the small businesses who provide local jobs. He was also willing to take a strong stand against powerful union bosses who were working hard to stop conservative reforms like public employee pension reform, property tax reforms, liquor privatization and more. Mike’s background, experience, message and work ethic enabled him to raise the money needed to reach the voters necessary to win with his powerful message.

Red Maverick Media



When longtime State Senator Pat Vance announced her retirement, two term State Representative Mike Regan decided to run because it would enable him to help more families. The uphill challenges he faced included living in the York County portion of the district that represented only 24% of the overall district. As if that wasn’t enough, Senator Vance, who had a favorability rating of more than 4 to 1, endorsed former NFL football star Jon Ritchie.

Many in
the area thought Ritchie
was a shoo-in…

our role

Red Maverick Media served as Mike Regan’s General Consultant, which included handling logo and all creative design work, survey research, television production and placement, and direct mail, as well as working with the candidate, campaign manager and the team to develop and execute a successful campaign plan during this million dollar race.


It was important for us to clearly show Mike was the hometown boy who grew up and had deep roots in Cumberland County. We were also able to show a clear contrast between the candidates’ records through our message development and creative design work. We conveyed this message starting in the announcement through the county Republican endorsement process, for the more than 10 pieces of direct mail, 5 targeted coalition mailings and 4 television commercials to the absentee ballot program and Election Day effort. We met our deadlines and identified and reached the voters necessary to win during the four month campaign.