Mike is a Republican political consultant, strategist and award-winning writer with 17 years of experience on more than 100 campaigns ranging from the White House to the courthouse.


As a consultant with Red Maverick Media, Mike helps candidates and committees from New England to California achieve victory, works in multiple states on behalf of the Republican Governors Association and advises legislative campaign committees on how to maintain Republican majorities in states such as Maine, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


He has worked for a dynamic SuperPAC on behalf of Presidential candidates in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, created political and fundraising mail for Governor Larry Hogan’s shocking 2014 victory in Maryland and helped break the Democrats supermajority in the California State House. Mike has lectured on politics at George Washington University, the Naval and Air Force Academies and to international students in Eastern Europe. He relishes the opportunity to get on the ground and excite and inspire candidates, managers, staff, and volunteers to help them capture their message so it resonates with and motivates voters.


Mike managed congressional campaigns – including two hard fought primary challenges – in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, supervising staff and overseeing all aspects of each election cycle. He has served as Campaign Manager for two Members of Congress and is personally proud that in 1998 he was able to raise over $1 million in a Congressional race without taking PAC money.


Mike worked in the official office of Congressman Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania, serving as the District Director in Bucks County and Communications Director and Legislative Assistant on the Hill before leaving to take a job headquartered in Silicon Valley. In that role, he represented a mid-sized technology consulting company in Washington, DC, working with defense, intelligence, and civilian federal agencies to help plan and invest in emerging technologies.


While in journalism school, Mike earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. There he worked on the gubernatorial campaigns of Roy Blunt and Bill Webster as well as the re-election of Senator Kit Bond. He volunteers at professional golf tournaments around the world including scoring more than a dozen U.S. Opens and the 2016 Olympic golf tournament in Rio.

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