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Proven campaign techniques, cutting edge creativity and technology come together to win your campaign.

General Consulting & Political Strategy


Every football team needs a quarterback. Every campaign needs a general consultant for the same reason.

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    You’ve seen it time and time again. The star quarterback leads his team to victory because he not only has the experience, skills, and leadership, but because he developed the best plan. That’s what a general consultant does for your campaign: comes up with the plan to win then helps the rest of the team execute it. At Red Maverick Media, our partners have decades of experience leading winning campaigns at every level. Let us help create and develop a strategy that works for you.


Online Engagement


If someone talks to you about New Media, don’t hire them. At Red Maverick Media we talk about Online Engagement.

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    Too many people in politics like to use buzzwords like “New Media.” The truth is there is nothing new about having an Internet presence. In 1996 Bob Dole had a website. That’s not new. While the professionals at Red Maverick Media do create exciting websites in-house, we also focus on what we like to refer to as Now Media. That includes creating an online identity to go along with the website we design for you. No candidate’s online identity is the same. We craft a custom plan to combine web design, social media, search engine optimization, and online advertising to create a unique online identity for clients. We work with leaders in online development to take your online identity to the next level. In addition to amplifying your message online, we also help our clients build their email list, raise money, and organize their volunteers. We work with partners who have created cutting edge fundraising and grassroots organizational tools for online campaigns. Red Maverick Media believes that the future of politics is on the Internet. We believe in creating a custom online identity for each of our clients.




You have to raise money to be successful. You have to be successful to raise money.

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    There is nothing more important than fundraising in political campaigns. In order to reach any other goal of the campaign, there must be significant fundraising to pay for it. Red Maverick Media partner Jen Holman Zaborney has been a professional fundraiser for 10 years, helping candidates like Governor Tom Corbett, Congressman Bill Shuster, President Pro-Tempore Joe Scarnati, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, the National Republican Campaign Committee, Speaker John Boehner, GOPAC, the Pennsylvania Senate Republican Campaign Committee, and countless other candidates and PACs raise tens of millions of dollars. We specialize in every aspect of fundraising – major donors, events, direct mail, internet, etc. – to make sure your campaign has the resources you need to succeed.

Communications Strategy


No matter how good of a communicator you are, you need to have the right message or no one will listen.

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    We have spent almost our entire lives communicating political messages. Our consultants have appeared in almost every major newspaper in the political arena, served as Congressional and campaign spokesmen for top tier members and campaigns, and have solid relationships with media outlets in Washington, DC and various state capitols. Red Maverick Media loves the art of political communications and helping clients shape the narrative and win the news cycle. We understand the 24/7 news cycle and we know not only how to win the day, but also how to win the week, the month, and most importantly, the campaign. Having a successful press operation doesn’t come from luck. It comes from meticulous planning that takes into account the campaign narrative, the opponent’s research, and messaging that resonates with your voters. From speech training to speech writing, Red Maverick Media is able to handle your campaign communication needs and work with your campaign to develop and implement your media strategy.


Television And Radio Production


Television and radio done the Maverick Way makes your campaign successful.

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    We at Red Maverick Media know just airing television and radio commercials isn’t enough. Your campaign needs to cut through the clutter. That’s why we create something different… ads that get seen, heard, and win campaigns. We make sure our ads speak to people in a way that reinforces their positive opinions or changes their perception about a candidate or issue. We go way beyond just what the ad says to make sure the message reaches the right voters through carefully targeted broadcast, cable and radio buying. We’ve placed millions of dollars of advertising for clients in winning campaigns. Red Maverick Media works with our production partners to make sure your spot is on time, on budget, and on point.

Direct Mail


Red Maverick Media’s direct mail gives new meaning to the words ‘special delivery’.

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    We have produced some of the most creative and effective mail pieces you will find anywhere in the country. That’s because we combine unmatched creativity with knowledge of the mail process to make your mail different. We manage our clients’ entire process for the direct mail, from targeting to design to delivery. We believe that each of these process points can make the difference between sending out an effective piece of mail somebody reads or one that gets lost with the junk mail. By combining the creativity of a Madison Avenue advertising firm with the high-tech data tools available in today’s campaign world, we develop a mail campaign that focuses on the voters you need to target and delivers your message in a way that cuts through the clutter. Because we do all this in-house, we can provide direct mail with unmatched turnaround at a price that’s affordable for campaigns at every level. Whether you are trying to increase your name ID or create a strong contrast with your opponent, direct mail is one of the most effective ways to do it. Red Maverick Media has made a career out of doing it right.


Telephone Voter Contact


Making sure voters don’t hang up. That’s the Maverick difference.

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    Telephone vendors are a dime a dozen in political campaigns. Everyone is always trying to tell you they can do it cheaper, but there aren’t too many consultants who talk about how they can do it better—until Red Maverick Media. We know a strong phone program is an important part of any political campaign, but only if you do it right. Using a mix of automated and live calls will make the voter aware of your message without becoming frustrated with the delivery. Just as important, we target the right voters with the message they need to hear, in the form they’ll listen. The right targets. The right message. The right delivery. The right price. That’s the Maverick difference!

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